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Destination Football

Destination Football is a monthly digital and interactive Football Tourism and Travel Guide, aimed towards a Target Audience of 18-30 year old male and female England football supporters, who are considering travelling to the South African World Cup 2010.

The travel aid thrusts the user into the action with an interactive football locker room to explore, containing important travel information and the user can contact their personal travel agent, who is on hand to provide hints and tips, reacting dynamically to the user’s every move, which is subsequently logged in an Objectives area.

Operation Overlord

Operation Overlord is an Instructional e-Learning artefact, designed and developed to aid Key Stage 3 GCSE History students in the UK learn about the Allied Normandy Landings of 1944, carried out during World War Two.

Learners are guided by on-screen agent 'Sgt Alex Dann' through various multimedia based tasks relating to D-Day, including multiple-choice and drag and drop questions.

A dynamic reward system provides the learner with a 'British Army Rank', which changes based on the user's performances in the questions and games provided.

Maddocks Physiotherapy Ltd.

John and Theresa Pirie, who co-own The Maddocks Physiotherapy Service Ltd, in Madeley, Telford, Shropshire, approached me during the summer of 2011 to assist them in developing a website presence for their company, which could promote comprehensive information, such as the company's services, opening times and contact details.

The design was requested by Theresa and John to reflect the company's existing print branding, which drew inspiration from The Maddocks' unique premises - an old, converted church.

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Fertiliser Calculator

Fertiliser Calculator is an interactive e-Learning exercise, I developed in Flash for undergraduate students at Harper Adams University.

The program provides users with a unique 'Fertiliser Scenario', choosing random elements such as 'Winter Rain Fall, 'Soil Type' and 'Crop Type'. Users then have to work out a variety of fertiliser calculations leading ultimately to the Nitrogen Extran per Hectare (kg Extran/ha) required, based on the scenario given.

Answers provided are sophisticatedly validated with additional hints and tips on hand for students, who any additional help.

Safety Signs

Safety Signs is a flash-based interactive e-Learning exercise, which acts as a method of formative assessment to undergraduate students studying the Health and Safety area of the Personal Development module at Harper Adams University.

The application aims to educate students on the three main types of Health and Safety signs commonly found in the UK workplace – Mandatory, Warning and Prohibitory. The user is presented with a selection of signs across three separate sections and is invited to submit their answers which are validated before appropriate feedback is provided.

Beer's Law of Exponential Decay

Beer's Law of Exponential Decay is a flash based tutorial covering Fractional Interception (by a crop canopy), Leaf Area Index, Extinction Coefficient and how different sized crop canopies intercept light.

The exercise includes bespoke drag and drop and gap fill questions and intuitive feedback is provided to users based on their performances in tasks.

Dynamic instructions update throughout the tutorial to provide task clarity to the user and accessibility needs can be met through the Settings panel, which is available at all times.

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Operation Overlord
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Fertiliser Calculator
Flash e-Learning Application
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Flash e-Learning Application
Beer's Law of Exponential Decay
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Joel Reed

My name is Joel Reed. I'm a Front-End Web and e-Learning Developer at the University of Nottingham (UK Top 10 University), having previously worked for Harper Adams University in the e-Learning department.

I graduated from The University of Wolverhampton with First Class Honours in Interactive Media back in 2010.

I specialise in designing and developing high quality, interactive websites and e-Learning content for both the commercial and educational sectors.

My work has been featured in numerous CSS Galleries across the web including CSS Mania and CSS Winner. More recently my designs have been published in 'The Web Designer's Idea Book, Volume 3' by Patrick McNeil.

I’m always open to exciting job opportunities, with my Curriculum Vitae available on request.




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