Grasslands Management

e-Learning Tutorial


Grasslands is an interactive e-Learning resource covering the growth and structure of the grass plant, and provides some useful concepts for the development of grazing management theory. The nine-part tutorial was produced at the University of Nottingham with additional learning materials provided by my colleagues at the University of Aberdeen and Massey University in New Zealand.

Grasslands Management
Image courtesy of Dr. Debbie Sparkes (University of Nottingham).

The tutorial is studied by undergraduate and postgraduate students through Moodle and introduces important units covering; the Vegetative Plant and Reproductive Structure, the Life of a Phytomer and Leaf Growth and Death.

Grasslands Management
Image courtesy of Dr. Sparkes (University of Nottingham).

The resource features formative exercises at the end of each chapter to reinforce understanding and students can explore grass and root structure using interactive animations and videos.

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